Glencoe Central Primary School

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About Us

Welcome to our school

On behalf of the Glencoe Central Primary School staff and students, we welcome you and your family to our school community.

At Glencoe, our mission is to provide a high quality learning environment based around our school values of Confidence, Respect, Responsibility, Inclusion and Doing Your Best. We promote optimism, resilience and quality relationships between students, staff, parents and the wider community.

Our Site Improvement Goals for 2021 are targeted at Reading, Writing and Numeracy . The school currently caters for approximately 65 students from 5 to 13 years of age, operating across three classes. Our small class sizes provide students with the opportunity to be successful learners.

The Glencoe Kindergarten is on site sharing a purpose built learning area with the Junior Primary class. This will further enhance the provision of quality education in our community.

The contributions of parents and the wider community are greatly valued and we encourage volunteers to participate in school activities.

Glencoe Central Primary School staff is committed to providing an engaging and enriching teaching and learning environment with the wellbeing and educational outcomes of its students as its highest priority.